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About Clean Maids Kenya

Our main objective is to clean your homes. Our company is dedicated at giving busy Kenyan homeowners a dependable, professional, cheap solution to their untidy, dirty houses. Kenyan employees are well known globally as the most busiest and productive. With the increasing need for more incomes, many families have resulted to a dual income making it hard for them hard to take care of their homes. With this fixture, many Kenyans have found themselves in a limbo regarding their late hours working that end up eating their entire day, weeks, months, and the entire year. Working regularly on a weekly schedule, Clean Maid provides busy persons and families’ clean, comfortable homes to come back to and enjoy-homes cleaned basing on their distinct wishes and services backed by a 24-hour satisfaction assurance. The Clean Maids Healthy touch deep cleaning system ensures a healthy house cleaning procedure and provide you together with your family with the healthiest home possible.   Dial (+254) 702-831-487 for any inquiry with regard to our commitment of a first-rate housecleaning services.

We Provide Affordable Cleaning Solutions

Your Hygene is Our Top Priority with Comprehensive and Affordable Cleaning services.

Our Services

Specialty Cleaning

Call on us for any of the following chores: Window Washing, Wall Washing, Interior Cabinet, Cleaning Packing / Unpacking & Kitchen Appliance Cleaning:-Clean sink, Load dishwasher, Clean inside microwave, Clean counters, Clean range top, Damp wipe,, cabinet doors, Clean appliance exteriors, and Clean hard surface floor among others..

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House Organizational Services

When your home feels too messy, it can affect your capability of resting and recharging with each new day. Whether you have got a burdened pantry or a closet full of boxes from your latest move, let our skilled house cleaning professionals at Clean Maids® handle the problem of organizing your rooms! We are discreet at heart, and we are proud to provide organizational services, which will declutter your life from top to bottom.

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Move In/Out Cleaning

Moving to a new place can be stressful-enough without worrying around having to sort-out after you are finished. Clean Maids® is here to alleviate the moving in and out stress. The last thing that you need to be afraid of is having to clean your apartment or and home prepare it for the ensuing tenants or owners. Clean Maids provide detailed move-out and move-in services, which will let you focus on what matters most-your new home. Our skilled cleaning experts will leave no area of your apartment or home untouched. With advanced processes and techniques, we will make your place look better than when you moved in.

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Maid Services

Live in the Moment and Leave the Housekeeping Clean
With lots of chores, there is nothing to worry about-let us take care of your house cleaning duties. Then savor the desire of discerning your entire home has been professionally cleaned by skilled team. Clean Maids® cleaning services are detailed, reliable, and tailored. If you would like to appeal for a distinct service, change your cleaning calendar, or avoid a space in your home, just inform us! We are blissful to accomplish each request to surpass your expectations. Clean Maids® home cleaning services are open daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly.

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Maintenance of a home can take hours weekly. Clean Maids Company is ready to save you from scuffle of making time to clean your home and making it comfortable for you to live. We are ready to tackle your entire household needs. From furniture to flooring to windows, we will get your space looking perfect while you relax, paint the town red, or do whatsoever it is your enjoy. Do not devote to every little time you have cleaning your home. Clean Maids is more than ready. All it takes is one call and you will be well on your way to a well-ordered, neat space minus having to lift a finger. Contact us today for more information regarding our housekeeping services or to plan an estimation.

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